Farlin-Nipple Shield-Set of 2Pcs

20mm Prevent Back flow of milk Helps to latch-on Air Circulation Washable & Eco-friendly

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Brand : Farlin        

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Overview: The Farlin Nipple Shield is made from silicon. Prevents backflow of mothermilk. Product Features: * High quality durable silicone * Has a singular circular line * Prevents backflow of mother milk * One size fits all * Features ventilation holes for air circulation * Sterilizable * For cherishable nursing period * Provides easy feeding for sore and irritated nipples * Protects Nipples from Chafing * The shield is apt for daily use * Features ventilation holes for air circulation To Clean: * Please clean and sterilize before first time use and after each use * Wash with a mild detergent and warm water and rinse thoroughly * Can be sterilized To Use: * Place shield so it fits securely over your breast and gently place baby's lips around the nipple area of the shield. When the baby starts sucking the milk will flow from mother through the nipple to the baby. With the protection of nipples shield it will improve the sore or irritated nipples effectively.

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Farlin has established renowned reputation since 1972. It has more than 76 exclusive agents in the world producing and selling a top quality line of baby care products. Farlin sells full range of baby accessories, baby garments, baby carriage, baby play things etc, which provide various choices as well as kind service manner to satisfy per your needs.