Farlin-Free Drop Powder Puff-Blue

Feather-like touch, Soft for baby's tender skin, Keep Powder Clean & fresh

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Brand : Farlin        

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Product Features:

  • Revolutionary design of built-in powder case provides continous powder puffing for more convenience.
  • Easily control the amount of powder needed
  • Feather-like touch to your babys tender skin


  • Keep powder clean and fresh and the puff dry at all times
  • Store in cool place and out of the reach of children.

To Clean:

  • Except puff please wipe all parts clean with wet cloth.
  • If the puff is moistened carelessly dry it berfore each use

To use:

  • Open the powder cap pour the powder in the built-in powder case and place the powder cap tightly.
  • Tapping the powder puff lightly on the skin spread the powder gently over the surface after bth and every diaper change
Powder Puff

About Brand:

Farlin has established renowned reputation since 1972. It has more than 76 exclusive agents in the world producing and selling a top quality line of baby care products. Farlin sells full range of baby accessories, baby garments, baby carriage, baby play things etc, which provide various choices as well as kind service manner to satisfy per your needs.